Humans, not numbers.

Complete Understanding

Accurate underwriting requires far more than just data.

We don’t do business by algorithm. Important decisions about people’s lives depend on having the right information – and we know that fair, accurate, dependable insurance underwriting can only come from a complete understanding of each individual’s needs and circumstances.

Underwriting is a complex, nuanced process that can’t be answered simply by the application of “big data”.

A process built on trust.


Our OneLife model is designed for reliability and accuracy.

Cipher’s unique OneLife system is has been created to secure the best terms for every client. Anonymous, objective, and tailored specifically to personal circumstances, it’s a five-step model that allows us to build the complete picture of risk and requirements. OneLife means we can negotiate the most advantageous cover efficiently and confidentially while avoiding bias or unfair cost.

Real knowledge, genuine insight.

An Unparalleled Network

We work with the best to deliver the best.

We’re able to offer individualised underwriting to a level of precision and competitiveness you won’t find anywhere else. How? By knowing the market better than anyone. Our network of medical professionals and underwriting decision-makers includes acknowledged specialists and leaders from across the UK industry and means that all Cipher clients benefit from unparalleled expertise.

“Cipher Health Advisory organised my health screening at One Welbeck, which included a review of my insurances. To my surprise, my Liver Function Tests and Cholesterol were raised which resulted in premiums for life insurance and critical illness cover being higher than they should be. After three months of regular use of Deliverance, all my markers are reduced and my insurance premiums have similarly been reduced by over 50%. I have experienced other benefits of using Deliverance, including much greater mental clarity.”

David Ramm - Partner, Baker Botts Law

Protecting investors.

Pinpoint focus

An essential tool when you need to know more.

Integral to Cipher’s service is gold-standard medical due diligence that minimises the risk of “black swan” events – of particular importance to management of investment-backed businesses as well as those with particular reliance on key executives. Our specialist medical and diagnostic capabilities enable fast, efficient and precise profiling of leadership personnel. Investors, stakeholders and regulators demand nothing less.

Smarter for families & wealth managers.

Clarity & Knowledge

Now you can approach the future with real foresight.

Cipher’s medical due diligence framework is a powerful wealth management tool. It provides specialist insight that equips family and private offices to understand their principals’ insurability, or undertake estate and succession planning – as well as other key business decisions – with maximum confidence.

Our specialist partner.

Specialists in Excellence

Medical capability that’s truly state-of-the-art.

Cipher’s proprietary OneLife process operates is able to draw on the formidable medical services provided by our partner company Cipher Health Advisory. It’s a structure that’s designed to offer certainty and reassurance both at business-critical moments and where longer-term objectives are being considered. Clients benefit from the most advanced processes and technologies, as well as formidable specialist knowledge.

The complete picture.


Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help.

Cipher’s expertise and connectivity enable clients to take advantage of a comprehensive range of insurance policies and products, across all key areas of the industry. These include:

Personal Insurance (life insurance, critical illness insurance, income protection insurance, health insurance)

Business Protection (life insurance, key person insurance, shareholder protection insurance, business loan insurance)

Employee Protection (group life insurance, group critical illness, group income protection, group health insurance)

In addition, we are able to offer bespoke solutions relating to estate planning and inheritance. Our team will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.

What our clients say.

“I embarked on the journey with Cipher Health Advisory as I was keen to review my current health. As part of this process, Cipher Risk conducted a review of my insurances and found I had a gap in cover. Following my medical and blood tests, I was shocked at the results of my blood tests that made me an uninsurable proposition due raised liver function tests and high cholesterol. I was introduced to Deliverance, which I took daily for a three-month period, and then had these tests repeated. To my amazement, my liver function tests had all lowered to within the normal range and my cholesterol levels are reducing. Apart from the personal relief that my results are so much better, I am delighted the team at Cipher Risk have been able to secure competitive premiums for life cover.”

David Strachan - Chief Financial Officer